What have I been doing since we last spoke?

So most of the comments I have gotten from my friends are “are you kidding me? you have time for a blog?” Well…I guess I am not sure how often I have to update this. Once a day I can probably fit in most days…more than that, forget it. I really have no idea what I am doing but that seems to be a common theme in my life lately. Here is a snapshot of what has happened since I last wrote. Picked up kids from school. Registered Rachel for dance next year (remember when dance cost $300 a year?). Bought items to make loot bags for Jake’s birthday party. Got rained on. Came home. Made supper, fed kids, husband and self. Watched just-picked-up-at-registration dance dvds (3) with kids. Put kids to bed. Cleaned kitchen. Baked banana bread for kids’ school. Cleaned kitchen again. Made loot bags. Tired so went to bed. Remembered that I needed to cut up banana bread and put out on tray for tomorrow. Got up, went back downstairs and cut into banana bread. Banana bread not cooked inside :-(. Very sad. Called husband to taste banana bread to see if it was salvageable as something other than banana bread, like banana chewy squares or something. Husband grossed out by banana bread. Threw banana bread in garbage. Went to sleep. Woke up with dog, let him out, fed him breakfast. Fed fish breakfast. Completed 5km run while catching up on an old Felicity episode (season 2 ep 13). Showered, helped get kids out the door for last day of school. Ran to grocery store to buy fruit tray to replace banana bread. Dropped fruit tray at school and tried not to feel like sad, pathetic mother who doesn’t bring in home baked goods for these things. Came home. Worked. Got a parking ticket for being at an expired metre (literally missed it by like 5 minutes). Picked kids up at school and went out for celebratory lunch. And am now blogging about it. Is anyone interested? Since you asked, Felicity episode was good, I enjoyed it. Not crazy about Noel and Ruby but figure she can’t stick around much longer can she? Have a great rest of day…we are off to see the Incredible Hulk tonight.


2 thoughts on “What have I been doing since we last spoke?

  1. Omg you are completely hilarious. A blog!!! I love it!!! The page is gorgeous… was that you or Kev?
    This is so fun. Hey – we won’t even have to talk anymore. (kidding).
    See you tonight!

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