Incredible Hulk

Really another Hulk movie? Did we really need another? Eric Bana was a fine hulk…well anyhow, I went to see it tonight. It was pretty hysterical…not sure if that is what the makers intended. The biggest source of amusement was watching to see what happened to his pants each time he hulked out. He went from a size 30 to a size 130 and amazingly his pants stayed on. His shirt, shoes, watch, hat all ripped off immediately, but his pants managed to make it through. There were a few comments during the movie that they were stretchy, but amazingly, when he went back to normal they never snapped back into shape, but stayed Hulk-size. I also loved how dumb they thought the viewers were, like the Hulk was Mr Green – because he is green guys! and Mr Blue wore a blue sweater and shirt so you couldn’t possibly get confused. Really the only things that made the movie worthwhile for me were:

1 – Liv Tyler – is there anyone more beautiful? She is just so real, and fresh and down to earth. I find she is what they were describing when they describe Snow White, but she is prettier than the disney version. I have loved her ever since she was all gangly and unsure in Stealing Beauty, and elf-like and ethereal as Arwen. I wish she would make a better movie…am I the only one who thinks she is amazing (get the aerosmith reference???)

2 – Iron Man’s cameo at the end – hello Robert Downey Jr!! He just lights up the whole screen with his brilliance, hotness and pure charisma. I know, he only had two lines but they just showed why the Hulk will never compare to Iron Man. Maybe RDJ and LT could do a flick together?

And lastly, seriously there was a woman with a little kid there, so little he still had a soother in his mouth. Who does that?


One thought on “Incredible Hulk

  1. Don’t know if you remember, but in the TV series he also always kept the pants on…and somehow, they always went from dress pants (on Bruce Banner) to cut-off jeans on the Hulk. Sometimes the jeans magically turned purple (’cause it looks way nicer on a greenish hue…)

    p.s. I totally agree about Robert Downey Jr. Has he always been that hot?

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