Last night we went to an amazing Italian restaurant called Il Piccolino on Preston Street with friends. It was wonderful. We sat outside and it was shady and breezy and very atmospheric. The food was wonderful and quite reasonable. I had a yummy caesar salad, followed by a shrimp pasta and ridiculous sorbet for dessert. So good! And great company too. This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 6:15am to go for a 5km run, then rushed off to a tennis lesson. When I got home we took the family and Gus to Bruce Pit to burn some of that Airedale energy. It was a really nice walk but now I am pooped. We just had lunch and now I really have to ice Jake’s birthday cake. In my mind it will be a stunning ode to a golf course, something a la Pebble Beach…but in reality I hope it will be distinguishable as a golf course and not just a green mess. Must get to it…birthday party is at 4pm.


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