My six year old is smarter than me

So another great conversation with my hysterical 6 year old. We were eating lunch yesterday and we play this Pokemon game where he asks us to pronounce the names of his favourite characters. Well yesterday he added a twist and asked us to spell them. So he said Mom, spell Bideuf. So I spelled it the way I just wrote it. He said no that is wrong. So Kevin took a stab and also spelled it wrong. Jakob said it is B-i-d-o-o-f. Well then we said Jake that is Bid-ooof not Bid-euf. (This story may be better told orally, mental note for next blog.) Then Kevin gave him the example that oo makes the sound like in the word goof. And Jakob countered, really? Then what about the word foot. Just like Bidoof. You just can’t argue with that kind of logic.


2 thoughts on “My six year old is smarter than me

  1. Oh, I see what is happening here… no more personalized attention for me on Google Chat or Facebook… now I have to come to your blog to find out what you’ve been up to. sniff. It’s like empty virtual nest syndrome.

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