Mini Ruth

I have been blogging about Jakob a lot and I hate for you to feel that Rachel isn’t equally entertaining. Here is a caption of Rachel’s morning. She woke up at 6:30 and came to see me so I could do her hair. Her and her brother are going to camp today and it is swimming day. She asked me if they need to wear their camp shirts. So I brought her down to the fridge where I keep the schedule and list of things needed for each camp day. I said it doesn’t list the shirt so don’t worry about it. And then I said goodbye and left for work. When I got to work there was a call on my cell phone from Rachel (have I mentioned she is 8 years old?) She wanted to know if her brother had to wear his glasses to camp today, she was pretty sure he didn’t, but could I confirm. At this point Kevin got on the phone, and chuckled while I told Rachel that no, Jakob didn’t need his glasses today and thanks for checking. Then she asked me if he would need a life jacket as the list said life jacket but she thought he swam well enough now that he probably wouldn’t need it. I said that I had already discussed with Dad that he should bring the life jacket just in case but that I too thought he wouldn’t need it this summer. Then she said goodbye. Kevin stayed on the phone to tell me that when he got out of the shower earlier she had both her and her brother dressed and had their bags packed with all their swim stuff (towel, bathing suit, spare underwear etc). She had even prepared breakfast for her and Jake. We both chuckled and I said it was reassuring to know that someone was running things while I was at work :-).


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