So here I am sitting at the airport thinking you should never fly with Kevin or I. As usual, I timed it beautifully. We arrived at the gate 5 minutes before boarding, even had time to get food for the kids. And then, as usual, they announce that our plane is delayed due to lightning. We are the only people that have flights delayed every time we fly, even during summer. Sigh. Then we sat down to relax and Kevin pointed out Chris Neil travelling with his family. Very cute baby girl. So I gathered the kids and we said hi and he signed autographs. He was sooooo nice, I was very impressed. Smiled a lot and chatted with the kids. Then we came back to sit down and Kevin said, hey you should have taken a picture. I was too embarrassed to bug him again though, so we settled for the written word. Our plane is boarding now and he is actually even on our flight. No Wade sightings though – sigh.

Okay – finally posting this from our hotel room in BC – 1am Ottawa time.


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