toys and kids

So here I am 3 days before my son’s birthday, and zero gifts. Well, I exaggerate… I have a few little things, some books and some clothes. But no real gift. And no ideas. The thing is, he has everything he needs and wants. I am not sure when I became that parent that got my kids everything they ever wanted, but look, I am. Last night Kevin and I were brain storming, trying to come up with something to get him. Everything we thought of just feels forced somehow, like we will just be adding to the pile of toys he already doesn’t play with. Last year Kevin bought him an amazing race track and built him a great table to play with it on, and he never uses it. We have a second table downstairs that Kevin built for the brio trainset that never gets used either. I am not sure if we have room for another table at this point. This morning as I left for work, I went into his room and asked him what he wanted most for his birthday. He said, “This is easy, Mom!” I got all excited, here was the great idea I had been waiting for…he looked at me with those big blue eyes, and said “Mom, what I really want is more books.” I sighed, knowing that on his actual birthday if all he gets are books and t-shirts, he will be a disappointed boy. I told him to think about it some more and I would call him later.


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