So Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had their baby and named her Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. That is just not a good name. It doesn’t roll off the tongue at all, just gets stuck and causes spittle. Maybe just one of the first names or one of the last names but really that is a lot of name for a kid. And you just know poor Sunday is going to spend the rest of her life explaining that no, she wasn’t born on a Sunday, it was actually a Monday.

In other exciting Hollywood news, Shannen Doherty is in negotiations to appear on the new 90210 series. Now I may actually watch it! There is nothing more fun that Shannen Doherty being bitchy on tv. I am also very excited that Tori will be on as well.

And rounding out my yea! for today is news of not one but two new Matt Dillon movies. The first is set to be released in December 2008 with David Schwimmer and Kate Beckinsale in it as well. It is called Nothing But the Truth. The second, Old Dogs, has Seth Green, John Travolta and Robin Williams in it and is set to be released in April 2009 – do the words Birthday Movie mean anything to you?


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