Happy Birthday!

It is my baby’s birthday today…and by baby I mean my youngest child just turned 7 years old. That just freaks me right out. I have a 7 year old boy. It is truly amazing to see your child blossom from this adorable, completely dependent baby into a brilliant, insightful, comedic, sensitive boy. I cannot even imagine what he will be like in another 7 years but so far I am really enjoying the ride. I feel so blessed to have two such perfect children to share my life with. And the really nice thing is that at 7 years old he is still young enough to want to cuddle with his Mommy. Happy Birthday Jakie!!

PS Here is the latest installment of life with Jake:

Sean, Jakob’s 26 year old cousin, asks him, “Jakob, do you know what an oxymoron is?”

Jakob: “No, but I know what a moron is.”


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