Get Smart

Hey we went to see Get Smart last night and it was excellent. I thought it would be a fun movie, as I remember liking the show when it used to be on tv. But honestly, I can’t really remember what the show was about or like, other than the obvious memories like the shoe phone and cone of silence. Frankly those are probably the only two things I really remember about the show. So I was very presently surprised by how funny this movie was…now part of this may have been due to the fact that I was in a super mood, but I laughed out loud a lot during this movie. I actually think I embarrassed my spouse, I laughed so loudly. He should be used to that by now though, shouldn’t he? They brought back the fun memories like the shoe phone and the cone of silence, and had lots of new Bond-like gadgets. Anne Hathaway is absolutely stunning and very likeable in this role, and her wardrobe is fabulous. Steve Carell is predictably hysterical in this role, and The Rock surprised me by how comedic he was. All in all I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. We ended the night with sparkling wine and good friends…a perfect evening!


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