So I don’t think I could be more excited by my husband’s latest present. Most women dream of diamonds, jewels, even nice trips…me, I dream of a front loading washer and dryer. A few years ago, we stayed with my in-laws (who have everything) and I experienced the joy of a front loader for the first time. You can stuff it so full and it all gets so clean. It is fast, energy efficient and quiet. You can wash your winter coat, your comforter, 10 beach towels at once. I was in love. Real, true love. I knew I was really behind the times when I went to my parent’s house last year and even they had made the switch. We have always joked that my Dad is anti-technology. He still shuns the microwave and scoffs at the dishwasher. Growing up, we were the last family on the street to get a colour tv. Yet even they had shiny new front loaders…sigh. I knew I was truly the saddest woman on earth when we arrived at the beach cottage we rented in BC two weeks ago to find that yes even the rental beach cottage had a front loading washer and dryer. I must have finally complained enough, because this weekend, my wonderful husband bought me the shiniest, newest front loaders we could find. They got delivered yesterday…they are LG Tromm in titanium. Wow are they beautiful. We all watched in awe as the first load started up (it actually senses how much is in the washing machine and adjusts everything automatically). I did a load of about 10 towels to test it out, and they came out so clean and almost dry…I put them in the dryer (which also automatically sets everything depending on how much is in it) and they came out dry the first time, which never happened with my old dryer. I did all my laundry in 2 loads last night. My life is now perfect. I am so happy!!

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