Difference between boys and girls

Okay so I am not sure what it is like for everyone else out there, but wow are boys and girls different in my house. Here is a conversation held last week in our house. Me to my seven-year-old son, “Hon, how was camp today?” Head doesn’t look up, semi-grunt noise emits from behind book. “Hey! I asked you a question – how was your day?” Head pokes halfway up so eyes are kind of above book but continuously darting back to words on page, “Good.” “Did you play any sports at camp?” “Soccer.” “Was lunch good?” (let’s be honest, now I am just bugging him to see if I can get his full attention and any details at all.) “Yep.” End of conversation. Me to my eight-year-old daughter. “Did you have a good day?” “Oh yes Mommy! It was fabulous. We got there and I saw Ava and we were so happy to see each other. We were both wearing the same colour skirt! And then our counsellor showed up and we played a game called squirt. It was really fun. (insert detailed description of squirt) Then we went to the pottery room and I used the white clay to make a gargoyle that I named Arabella who will live in a castle. Ava made a gargoyle named Rosie who will live in the castle next door to Arabella. Mommy, Ava and I are best friends forever. Then we painted a beautiful picture on a huge piece of paper and I used sparkles and it is so pretty. Can we hang it on my door please? After that it was a bit drizzly out so we decided to stay in for snack…etc etc etc…”

Flash forward a few hours, me to my husband, “Hey, how was hockey last night?” “Good.” “Did you win?” “Yes.” “Did you go out afterward with the guys?” “Yes.” “Want to hear about my day?” (grunt) “So first I had coffee and I decided to have a different kind today because I found out they make iced raspberry mochas, and it was so yummy! After that I called the painter about his estimate and we discussed the price of the paint. Did you see the colours we talked about? I put them out on the dining room table. Then I bought my aunt a card and wrote in it and went and bought a stamp and then I put it in the mail. I hope it gets there on time etc etc etc…


My question to you – is it the same in your house?

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