OMG!! I have had the book Twilight on my books to read bookshelf (yes there is a whole bookshelf) for at least a year, maybe two. I am not even sure where it came from, if a friend gave it to me or I bought it myself. (so if you are reading this and you need your book back, let me know) When someone lends me a book I put a sticky on it with their name so I remember who to give it back to after I read it…so this tells me I probably bought it or someone bought it for me…anyhow, wow! I loved this book. First of all, hello, vampires! My favourite topic lately…and it was just so well written and really easy to read and the romance and the vampires, yum. If you remotely like vampires you need to read this book. I just got back from buying the rest of the trilogy, New Moon and Eclipse and the fourth book gets released this weekend. I am so excited about the rest of this series…I even saw they made a movie out of Twilight that is being released in December. After Eragon and The Golden Compass I am leery of seeing movies made out of good books though…


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