Mia Michaels

If you watch So You Think You Can Dance then you know who Mia Michaels is.  I want to be Mia Michaels.  I think she is brilliant, funny, talented beyond belief, quirky, original and kind.  Her choreography makes every dancer look like a genius. I honestly wonder if she choreographed something for me, if I too would look wonderful.  I doubt it, as up to this point my choreography consists of sitting on the couch 1, 2, grab the remote, 3, 4 eat some popcorn 5, 6…you get my gist.   But if anyone could make me look fabulous, it is her.  I love how honest she is and how real she sounds when she talks to the dancers.  I know it sounds crazy but I think we would get along great.    Plus she has a wicked hat collection that I am extremely envious of.  So if I can’t be Mia Michaels, I would just love to know her.  Or be in the same room with her.  Here is her website…http://www.miamichaels.com/


One thought on “Mia Michaels

  1. I agree with you about Mia Michaels. She is BRILLIANT!!! I too would like to meet her. She seems to truly care for the dancers. And her love of dance is obvious. I was a teacher for Arthur Murray for a while and I too felt the thrill of imparting the knowledge and love of dance even on that scale. Great job Mia!

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