How professional athletes are made

My 7 year old son is in hockey camp this week.  It is his second year doing it.  The camp has a grueling schedule – two 1.5 hour hockey sessions and 1.5 hour swimming and off ice training for most of the rest of the day.  He hates it.  He hated it so much last year that on the 4th day he refused to go on the ice.  Just refused.  Didn’t say he was sick, didn’t give any reason, just refused.  My husband had to go down and see what was going on.  He said “Dad, I hate this camp and I am sick of hockey.  I am not skating anymore.”  I can’t remember how but my husband used some fabulous bribe to get him to finish out the week.  Just to clarify things, he loves hockey, just not hockey camp.  In hockey camp you have to work really hard and be very active.  My son only does that when he is in the mood…so we are usually okay for one or two days…then forget it, he is done.

When it came time to register for hockey camp this season, he said “No Way!!”  I still managed to cajole him into it…because I honestly believe he will grow to like hockey camp…this year I registered him with one of his friends, hoping it would be added incentive.  All summer he has been dreading hockey camp, and finally it is here.  Each day he wakes up and cries and tells us how much he hates hockey camp.  At the end of each day when I pick him up he is a cheery little guy, I ask him how his day was and his face immediately falls and he says “It was terrible.  I hate hockey camp!”

I am driving him home from camp yesterday and I am not sure why but out of nowhere he says he just loves hockey and he wants to be a professional hockey player when he grows up.  I jump on this!  Aha! “Well if you want to be a professional hockey player you need to work really hard and go to hockey camp.”  There is a long pause in the conversation…”Mom, I think I will be a professional soccer player instead then.”  I give up.  No more hockey camp for my guy, even though deep down I really think he does like it.


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