Update on yesterday’s post

I picked my son up from Hockey camp yesterday and they ended the camp with a game.  For most of the game he was right in there, playing hard and doing well.  I was shocked. Usually by day 5 of hockey camp he is more than done.  He was doing so well my friend wasn’t sure if he was watching the right kid before I got there.  I got him after the game and gave him tons of praise for doing so well and playing hard and getting through the camp.  We picked up his evaluation and it said he did pretty well, he was right where he should be and my son was beyond thrilled.  In the car I asked him what he thought, was that it for hockey camp?  Did he really hate it?  “Oh no Mom, I love Hockey camp!  It was so fun!  I am definitely going again next year.”  I was completely speechless :-|.

PS I have made it through all of the Twilight series and am going to pick up Breaking Dawn today!  Woohoo!  If you are reading it too, let me know what you think…


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