Questionable Talent

My husband and I were having the time of our lives last night – playing SingStar on the PS3.  We did fabulous renditions of Mr Brightside, Losing My Religion, Complicated…and were gearing up for a killer version of Creep, when we heard it.  It sounded like someone was getting mutilated upstairs.  High pitched screams, followed by some growling.  I immediately dropped the mic and flew up the stairs.  I ran into my son’s room.  “MOMMY!” he screamed.  “I CALLED YOU THREE TIMES!  I WAS SO SCARED!   WHY DIDN’T YOU COME?”  I immediately picked him up in my arms and gave him a cuddle.  “I was downstairs. I came as soon as I heard you.  What are you scared of? ”  He was a little calmer now, but still visibly upset.  “I heard this terrible noise. It really scared me.  What are you and Daddy doing?”  Still clueless I responded.  “We weren’t doing anything, hon.  No loud scary noises coming from us.”  He looked at me skeptically, “Were you doing some kind of singing?”  Realization dawned on me.  “Yes…was that the scary noise you heard?”  He nodded vigorously.  “Yes Mommy.  Please don’t sing anymore.”  A very humbled mother descended the stairs to inform her spouse that our singing caused our 7 year old nightmares.  Kids.  They tell it like it is.


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