I seem to be obsessed by vampires lately…it started well before the Twilight series.  First I finally watched Buffy, which has Angel, who was my first real introduction to tv vampires.  What a yummy vampire!  I now adore David Boreanaz and Angel and vampires…

From there I went to the recently canceled Moonlight.  I watched that mostly because Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars was on it.  Wow, did Alex O’Loughin win me over.  And that show did the vamping out way better than Buffy/Angel as Mick and Josef were ridiculously hot each time they vamped out.  I was beyond sad the day that show got canceled.  The television powers that be are absolutely insane!

I was recently told by a friend that a new show called True Blood is coming out in September on HBO and I am wildly excited about it, hoping it will be equally fabulous.  My criteria are hot vampires so I hope it fulfills my requirements.

My recent enthrallment with all things vampire led my husband to get me to watch 30 Days of Night this weekend – hmmm, no hot vampires, just ugly gory things and a really bad plot.  I predicted the ending 5 minutes into the movie.  I do have standards you know, and that movie didn’t cut it.

On the book front, I have been reading the Guilty Pleasures series by Laurel K Hamilton, and obviously am madly in love with Edward Cullen and the Twilight series.

So what else is out there that I need to be watching/reading?  Let me know…


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