Must be doing something right

I haven’t written a lot about my daughter yet in this blog…but here is a terrific story about her:

Yesterday the kids were at summer camp and they went to one of those amusement places with bumper cars, mini-putt, and arcade games.  The kids each get a handful of tokens to play the games, and they earn tickets with which they can buy toys and candy.  My kids don’t have a cutthroat instinct yet with these things, so they haven’t figured out which games will give them the most coupons, they just play the games that appeal to them the most.

My daughter is at camp with two of her closest friends and they were playing the games together.  She went to put her money in the slot of the game she wanted to play but accidentally put it in the wrong game and suddenly lights start flashing and 300 tickets pour out of the machine.  This is the equivalent of the adult slot machine pouring out thousands of quarters – she was ecstatic!

Did she run over and buy herself the biggest, fanciest toy she could find?  Did she go and load up on a week’s worth of candy?  No.  She gave each of her friends 100 coupons and they all bought a couple of little things and some candy.  She then saved the candy she bought so that she could share it with her little brother.  I was so proud of her, and amazed by her generous spirit.  That is my girl.


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