Happy 9th Birthday Princess Pea!

Nine years ago today I was exhausted, cranky and sore when this little person was placed in my arms by my overjoyed husband.  I looked down at these perfect blue eyes and fuzzy black hair with little golden highlights (even then she was a diva) and fell instantly, irrevocably in love.  I don’t think there is another moment that can replace the first time you hold your child.  And now my little princess is 9 years old.  Last night we staged a Camp Rock/Miley Cyrus extravaganza to celebrate.  Today we did some girl stuff – shopping and starbucks with Grandma too. 

To say that she brings joy to my life is the biggest understatement.  Of course with the joy comes a 9 year old’s attitude and quirks and the occasional diva crankiness. However, the little notes she writes at night and leaves for me on my pillow to let me know that she loves me and appreciates all I do for her make my nights so much sweeter.  So today, I say Happy Birthday Baby!  Mommy loves you!


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