Bad Blogger

Okay so I am a terrible blogger!  I am so sorry that I didn’t update my blog after last Monday.  We went on vacation and I thought I would be able to update and I couldn’t log on…sigh.

We took a lovely trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario to do some yummy wine tasting.  We hit some fabulous wineries, standouts were as follows:

1 – Lailey – This was a small vineyard where we got a great tour and really learnt a lot about the process. We got to taste a wine that was still in the fermenting process and wasn’t even close to being ready, it was incredibly tannic.  They make an ice wine that is not nearly as sweet as most ice wines and we really loved it.

2 – Cave Springs – This was one of the last wineries we went to and we bought three bottles!  Their Reislings were terrific – we bought a Reisling Dry and a Reisling Dolomite, as well as their Late Harvest.  Late Harvest is almost an ice wine, but not doesn’t meet the strict requirements to be called ice wine and is usually less sweet and syrupy.  This late harvest was full of fruity flavours and truly outstanding.

3 – Vineland – This was the last one we visited and it was just a beautiful location and building.  The staff were super nice and their Reislings were great, as were their ice wines.

4 – Thirteenth Street – We had to hunt for this one, which is not along the main strip of wineries.  My sister-in-law recommended it for sparkling wine.  They make it in the traditional method and it is superb!  We bought 2 bottles, but I am sure we will order more online.  You should definitely check this stuff out if you like a dry sparkling wine.


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