Grande Earl Grey Tea Misto Non Fat No Vanilla

That is my Starbucks order. I have always been kind of obsessive about not drinking caffeine every day as I didn’t want to ever be dependent on anything, I am such a control freak. About a year ago, I started going for coffee with my teammates every day, and they preferred Tim Hortons (medium steeped tea, one milk). They invited me along and I got into the habit of getting a tea every couple of days.  At some point I started making the guys go to Starbucks because I like it better than Tim Hortons.  Right away I started ordering my tea misto, and just always got the same thing.  I never realized just how great it feels when you go somewhere regularly enough that the staff just make it for you.  They see me in line, my guy gives me a little nod that means “the usual?”  I nod back, and by the time I make it to the cash, it is there.  I feel so special!  One more reason why I love Starbucks.  And yes I now drink caffeine almost every day.


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