A Hard Run

And by Hard Run I don’t mean I ran hard but wow was it ever a hard run.  Some days I go running and just float through my 5k and feel like I could do more with no troubles.  And some days, like today, ever step is a hard won battle.  I was sore from the start, and hungry, and breathing hard.  It takes me a long time to warm up normally, 2-3km, but today it was only at 4.25k that I felt warmed up…which was sad as I was only running 5k.  But I survived, with a lot of bargaining.  I totally lie to myself which for some reason makes me feel better – I will only do 2k today, and then okay just 3k and then well only 4k and I will walk the last bit.  But somehow I always get through the whole run.  They speak about the runner’s high.  I only get it when I am done.  I am always so happy that I did the run and am finished it that I hit full-on perky mode.

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