I am home with the kids this week and my son is in a hockey camp every morning, but the afternoons are left for Mommy to fill with excitement.  I had the crazy idea to take them to the library today.  They each have a card, and I occasionally get them books but we mostly buy books.  They both already have so many books so instead of going to Chapters today to buy more, I decided to let them go to the library to try it out.  I told them to just grab as many as they liked, up to a maximum of ten books.  They were thrilled, it was like I promised to take them to the fair.  I am a huge reader so right now I am thinking I sure have cool kids.  I remember when I was their age I could walk to the library by myself and I used to get most of my reading books that way.  As an adult I really like to own my books, but I still take a bunch out of the library as well.  As we left the library today, with both my kids carrying an armload of books, I couldn’t have been a prouder Mom.


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