Another 10K

My girlfriend called me up last night all excited, “So are we doing it?” I knew immediately what she was referring to. “The 10K race at the end of October? Yeah, we’re doing it.” And like that we are committed. This means that I actually have to start training again. I always run, but it becomes a lot more half-assed when I don’t have a race to train for. If I have a goal I can always fit the run in. No goal + busy life = not as much running. So here I go again…training. Printed off a daunting training plan, and of course set it to start next week, because I always need a few days to slack off before I start the regular running. Now my excuse is that I start training hard next week, so I need to rest up and take it easy this week :-). I really am the worst kind of slacker. But next week, I will become a runner again. Watch out!


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