We went to see Wicked last night and it was so great!  I just loved it, it was funny and the music was amazing and catchy…the lead singers were excellent.  Nothing worse than a musical with not great singers.  This one met all the criteria, even the sets were truly oustanding – they were beautiful!  I loved all the sparkly green.  Glinda had the best dresses and I found myself wishing that I had just one of her Cinderella-type gowns and tiaras.  So sparkly and pretty.

Every time I see a great musical I find myself thinking about how breaking into song is a really fun thing to do.  I wonder why we don’t do it more in our daily life.  Imagine a long meeting at work where everyone is just droning on and you lost track ages ago.  Suddenly, a spot light appears on you.  You leap onto the conference table, and strike a ridiculous pose.  You open your mouth and a vibrating aria comes out that expresses all your woes about the meeting, and the day, and life in general.  Now that would be exciting.  It would work in other areas as well…instead of fighting with your kids you could sing to them and get them to see the error of the ways.  It would definitely shock them into giggles at the very least.  I may try it later and let you know how it goes…at home though, not at work. 🙂


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