Tooth Fairy News

My beautiful sweet brave daughter had to have a tooth pulled yesterday afternoon.  She had an adult molar coming in at an angle and a baby tooth molar was still in the way.  As soon as it started to hurt I made an appointment to get it out as quickly as possible so she wouldn’t have a lot of time to worry about it.  Worrying runs from me to her quite honestly :-).

She was amazing during the extraction and was so brave and I was so proud of her.  On the way home she asked me if this still counted for the tooth fairy.  Now let me just cut in here and say that she has always known that I was the tooth fairy.  When she was quite little she asked me if the tooth fairy was real.  I asked her what she thought.  She told me she thought I was the tooth fairy and I told her she was right but it was still fun to pretend so we have always kept up the charade.  When I told her yesterday that this tooth definitely qualified, she was quite happy.  When I went to get the tooth last night, she had left us a note:

Dear Madame Tooth Fairy,

Sorry Tooth Fairy, I lost the pillow so I put it in clown guy.  But maybe you could give me your phone number then maybe we could be friends!!


A few words of explanation – we have a pillow to put the tooth in that hangs on the bedroom door, but we couldn’t find it so she put the tooth in a little box that is shaped like a clown car and has a little ceramic clown in it.

Really though, I thought that was the cutest note ever, and of course I responded with a note back from the tooth fairy saying that I didn’t carry a cell phone but she could always leave the tooth fairy notes with her Mother.  I love my kids!!


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