Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!!

Wow I can’t believe we have been married 10 years…it is such a big round number.  I love even numbers, and ones ending in zero are the very best.  It is quite amazing to me that after 10 long years I am still madly in love, and even more so, I still really like my husband.  He still makes me laugh so hard I make weird snorting sounds…which he then mocks.  I think having a partner that makes you laugh is one of the keys to making it work.  Over the years we have had a pretty smooth ride, we have not really had to weather anything too serious, but I still feel like we have what it takes to make it in the long run.  No matter what is going on, no one gets me better than him, no one is prouder, or likes me more, or gives me a harder time.  He never lets me just sit and stagnate, he always pushes me to change the things I don’t like and is absolutely outraged and protective when anyone does anything remotely offensive towards me.  He really is my best friend and I am so happy and lucky to have found him.  Happy 10th Anniversary Baby!!


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