First Day of School

No matter how prepared or organized I am, the last day before school starts is always quite chaotic.  School supplies to name, new clothes to lay out, lunch boxes to pack with special first day of school treats…

Today I stayed home in order to bring my kids to their first day of school.  My nine-year-old is already getting to the point where she doesn’t really need me there anymore.  We walked in, hung her stuff up outside her classroom and she disappeared into a cloud of nine-year-old girls.

My seven-year-old however, still likes having me with him that first day.  I walked him up to his classroom, we found his cubby and dropped his stuff off.  I said hello to his teacher and stood by him while he fielded questions about his summer.  When it was time to leave he looked up at me with eyes that told me he still loved having me there with him, and I left feeling warm and needed.  Next year he will be eight and may not really want me to bring him to class that first day so I need to enjoy each of these moments to the fullest!


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