I offered to host a baby shower for one of my favourite people, and we agreed that an afternoon tea would be really fun.  I spent some time devising a menu and thinking up yummy things to put on it like little sandwiches, scones of course, and cupcakes.   I am totally excited about having the shower and eating all the good food, but there is one hurdle to overcome first.  I have to make it all.

Let me say that the hesitancy is not due to the time or effort, I am happy to do it, even grateful, as we live far apart and I am always thrilled when I get to participate in my friend’s life.  The big issue is my self confidence.  What if everything I make tastes horrible, or the cupcakes aren’t pretty enough?  Or what if they don’t rise?  I am such a basket case!

In order to get through this I am going to start making test scones and cupcakes this weekend…that way my husband can taste test and let me know which ones I should make for the final day.  I know they will turn out okay in the end, and even if they aren’t perfect they will taste good, but I am hoping for close to perfection :-).  So if you are reading this and have any terrific egg-free scone recipes that I just have to try, let me know.

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