I went for a run this morning with a friend and the weather was perfect!!  It was 11 degrees celcius, slightly overcast with a light breeze and this fine misty drizzle that was totally refreshing.  If I could put in an order with the higher ups for this exact weather on October 26, I would.  Instead it will probably be snowing :-(.

We watched I Am Legend last night.  It took us forever to see it, as we had wanted to rent it months ago but somehow never got around to it.  It was fairly good, but crazy short and the ending was so sudden it really shocked us.  IMDB.com says the runtime was 101 minutes, but they must be adding in a lot of credits because it didn’t seem longer than 80 minutes.  I felt like it was a good story but they could have done a lot more with it.  I really liked Will Smith, but he is always great.  I think he looks even cuter now that his hair is beginning to go grey.

Lastly I did my first trial cupcake run yesterday and they tasted great…but they just don’t rise a lot without eggs so they don’t look fantastic.  I guess I can fix that with icing but it would be my dream to find a way to get them to rise without the eggs.  I wonder how the bakery does it?


2 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. Try a little whole milk–I usually do them like this when my vegan friends come over…regular mix with a splash of whole milk…they stay super moist and rise just fine! Let me know if you find other ways 🙂

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