Book Rage, Literally ;-)

I am literally enraged with my book right now.  We are having a time out from each other.  I am reading Blue Moon by Laurell K Hamilton, which I know is not exactly high brow literature, but hello? Vampires!  I was in.  It took me a while to warm up to the series and a few books ago I kind of got into it.  I was happily reading last night when suddenly, the main character passed up her Vampire lover, to get it on with a freaking werewolf.  Not just any werewolf, but a boring, bland character that holds no interest for me.  It was like the vampire ceased to exist.  I feel so betrayed by her actions, and the sudden plot change that I just don’t know if I can finish the book.  Honestly.  I was up half the night grumbling about this.  My husband thinks I am nuts.


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