Friday Night Lights

My girlfriend and I watch tv together…and when I say we watch tv together, I mean we buy a season or two’s worth of a show and we watch it in a few days.  In order to sustain ourselves we eat loads of Dairy Queen blizzards, and baked Doritos and Ruffles.  I am not sure where the menu came from, but we never deviate from it.  She lives in another country so we only do this twice a year, but the rest of the year we watch other shows and talk about them by email and google chat.  It is just what we do.

So last year we were looking for our show to watch, and we had both been curious about Friday Night Lights, so I ordered the first season for $19.99.  We immediately fell in love with the show, characters, writing etc…This summer we are watching season 2.

What I like about this show, other than the serious undeniable hotness of Taylor Kitsch (whom we call Big Tim while we swoon)…I’m sorry, what was I saying?  I got distracted by Big Tim goodness.  Seriously, that guy is hot.  Anyhow…I love this show.  I really like the adult’s storylines, I don’t feel like they are just there to show the kids have parents.  Their stories/lives are engrossing.  I also love the interplay between Coach Eric and Tammy.  I can really relate to their relationship.  I guess it shows how old I am getting that I relate to the adults on the show and not the teens anymore.  I love most of the younger characters too, Matt is so sincere and sweet and cute that I just want to bring him home.  Landry has the best lines and makes you want to root for him no matter what.  Tyra is a lot of fun to watch and Lyla is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I can gaze at her almost as much as I can gaze at Big Tim.  Even Buddy, Lyla’s dad has totally redeemed himself to us this season.

So basically, watch this show.  I will be very sad if it is cancelled.  The storylines are engrossing, the characters are likeable and oh yeah, there is football too :-).


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