seasonal allergies

I have never been allergic to anything, that I know of anyway.  Mid-August I woke up one day with dry itchy eyes.  I also started sneezing, a lot more than normal.  It was weird, but I assumed I was tired and my nose was feeling sneezy.  A week later I woke up with a cold.  My eyes were still itchy, my sneezing increased and it felt like I had a head cold.  After 3 weeks of this, someone pointed out that it sounded like allergies.  An allergy to what I asked?  Apparently ragweed.  This is pure self diagnosis, but more than a month later I am still sneezing, blowing my nose and rubbing my eyes.  If it rains a lot it seems to clear up for a day or two but then comes back again with the sunshine and dry weather.  Can I just say this sucks?


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