OMG! Love love love!  And more than that, the hubby love love loves too.  This show is awesome!  It is totally a bit too out there and kind of gross sometimes…but really cool and fast paced and well written.  The dialogue is absolutely brilliant.  The characters are so well scripted and we have only seen two episodes.  Anna Torv is so pretty and vulnerable, but smart and tough.  I love the way JJ Abrams creates these incredibly strong intelligent female leads…Joshua Jackson is to die for.  He is so funny in this role and always has the best lines.  His sardonic delivery is amazing, without him I am not sure if the show would be nearly as good.  John Noble is brilliant as Walter Bishop – it must be so hard to play that role…treading the line between genius and insanity.  I even love Kirk Acevedo as Agent Charlie Francis…you just know there is some good back story coming from him in later episodes.  This is the only new show I have bothered to watch so far and am I ever glad I did.  Needless to say it is now on my PVR schedule, and should be on yours too.


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