Girls are mean

They just are…why is that?  I think it starts pretty early, it is almost a competitive thing.  One of my neighbours was telling me about this time that she was waiting for her kids at the bus stop, after a day that looked something like this:  Woke up, got the kids ready for school, put them on the school bus, did child care for the morning, worked in her second job all afternoon, and rushed home to get the kids off the bus.  Not an easy day.  The afternoon and evening were filled with kids’ activities, preparing dinner, homework etc…  Another neighbour was also at the bus stop, and looked down and noticed my friend’s freshly painted toenails.  Instead of saying, “Hey! Nice toes.”  Or “Wow, your toes look gorgeous!”  She said the following:  “I wish I had time get my toenails painted.”  Girls are mean, even when they grow up.  Why is that?


One thought on “Girls are mean

  1. If you were a mean girl, you’re probably a mean ‘lady.’ It’s a petty thing and an insecurity thing…I think…………..Girls are mean for sure!!!!!! I try to stay away from the ‘mean girls.’ Don’t you?


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