Musings from my children

My son’s gym teacher pulled me aside on Friday to share this story with me.  He was coaching them in a soccer game and my son was kind of going through the motions but not really into it.  So he came up to him and tying to motivate him said, “You are a valuable member of this team!”  all enthusiastic and glowy.  My son looked him right in the eye and said “Why?”

My daughter’s principal pulled me aside yesterday as I left the school, clearly laughing his butt off.  He saw my daughter sitting and waiting for me and she had her cello with her.  He walked over and told her how the cello was his absolute favourite instrument and he was so happy to see that she had chosen it for her string instrument this year.  He then asked her why she decided on the cello over the violin which everyone else in her class chose.  She looked him right in the eye and answered, “Because I can sit down while I play it.”

What am I supposed to do with these children???  🙂


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