The dog ate my homework ;-)

What child hasn’t dreamed of using that excuse?  Everyone has watched a tv show or a movie where those words have poured out of someone’s mouth and rolled their eyes at the inanity of the plotline. Until now…

We have a wonderful Airedale Terrier puppy who is just about 10 months old.  Gus is as good as gold for the most part and we do a good job watching him and keeping him out of trouble.  Last night while I was out, he actually ate my son’s reading homework…which on some levels is truly the funniest thing.  My son was very upset about how he was going to explain to his teacher that the dog ate his book, so I offered to do it with him and said we would replace the book as well.  But really, how fun is this?  I get to go to school today and say, “The dog ate my son’s homework.”  And mean it.  I am giddy.


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