Hallowe’en worries

My son was unsure of what he wanted to be for Hallowe’en this year, which surprised me as I assumed he would want to be a Pokemon since that is what he lives, eats and breathes.  I told him he needed to start thinking about it, as Hallowe’en was getting closer and I would need time to put together his costume.

Last night when I came home he popped out of bed to tell me that he had decided that he wanted to dress up as Frankenstein.  I told him this was an excellent costume idea – we could paint his face green and put bolts on his neck.  He asked what bolts were.  I told him they were like screws.  He went to bed.

Two hours later, this little voice calls out, “Mommy!”  I go upstairs to find out what is going on and why my son isn’t sleeping yet.  He says, “Mommy, will it hurt when you put the screws in my neck?”  I stifled my giggles and explained that we would not be putting real screws into his neck, but using fake ones and some body glue.  “Oooohhhh!” He said with much relief.  Then he rolled over and went to sleep.


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