Body of Lies

I dragged my husband to see Leo Dicaprio’s new movie, Body of Lies, this weekend.  Wow did I love this movie!  It was so good, very suspenseful, non-stop, interesting, current.  The cast was fantastic.  I am totally a Leo fan – love him!  Loved him for years…not sure why, just do.  He’s quirky, cute and loves his Mommy – what more could you want?  Oh yeah, and he can act.  He was so good in this role, very believable.  Russell Crowe was amazing too.  I am not a huge Russell Crowe fan but lately I seem to like all of his movies.  I especially like him in Ridley Scott movies…they make a great team.  I wonder if Russell is just going to star in every Ridley Scott movie from now on?  The guy who played Hani, Mark Strong, reminded me so much of Andy Garcia, it was weird.  What a cool dude though, he scared the crap out of me.  Go see it, it’s good!

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