Party of Five

Or Pfive or PoF as my friend and I call it.  I just finished watching season 1.  I loved this show when it was on and thought it would be fun to rewatch it.  I have slowly been enjoying season 1…and finished the last episode today.  I know I am a bad person because my favourite character on Pfive other than Charlie (my beloved Matthew Fox) was Griffin.  Since I already watched the show I knew that Griffin arrives on the scene the last ep of season 1, right after his sister Jill dies.  So I basically spent the last half of season 1 saying “Die Jill!  Just die already.  Why are you taking so long to die?  Die!”  These are not charitable thoughts…although she did finally die, and Griffin appeared.  However I had forgotten that they recast the role between season 1 and 2 so I didn’t get to see my Jeremy London.  So sad…


2 thoughts on “Party of Five

  1. Yes! I just finished re watching the whole series this summer – I love Ben and Noel and Felicity and Javier…pretty much the whole cast! One of the reasons I started watching The Unit…Noel 🙂

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