the flu

Oh my!  Monday my daughter came home from school saying her stomach felt funny.  I gave her a snack and she said it felt better.  We all ate supper and immediately after my stomach got queasy and my daughter started complaining again.  She went to bed and I changed into jammies and snoozed on the comfy chair.  By 9pm, I knew.  Funnily enough it was my son who threw up first, all over himself and his bed.  Then I started.  Then we woke up my daughter up and she started.  Of course, my husband was next.  We all slept on the bathroom floor, waking intermittently to throw up.  In a way, it was pretty amusing.  Yesterday all cleared up and we are all back to normal.  I disinfected the whole house and threw out the leftovers from supper just in case it was something we ate.  At least we got it over with in one day.


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