Top 5 Favourite TV Women

Okay I spend a lot of time drooling over hot TV men (that top 100 coming soon ;-)), but I was thinking last night about some of the wonderful female characters that have been on tv over the years.  Lately I find I hate a lot of the female characters on a show because they are so insipid and just plain boring.  But over the years there have been some great ones for me…

5.  Brenda – 90210:  Brenda was the best, bitchiest woman on that show.  She was portrayed beautifully by Shannen Doherty.  Her character was strong and tough and not afraid to fight a few battles for the things she wanted.  She knew when to get off that show and they brought in female after female to try to replace her but never even came close.  Brenda was one of the first characters on tv that I really got invested in.  Loved her!!

4.  Sidney – Alias:  Jennifer Garner’s Sidney Bristow was so kick-ass I wanted to be a spy too.  She was smart and sophisticated and rocked those wigs like no other.  She could take a little torture and still get free to save the world each episode.  Her character was smart, not the typical female role where the male hero comes in to save the day every time.  She could save herself and you know, him too, if he was cute enough.

3.  Blair & Serena – Gossip Girl:  Yes I know I am cheating by listing two at once, but this is my list and my blog so I can do whatever I want.  Blair is so conniving, manipulating and scheming she is a front runner to control the world in a few short years.  She is beautiful, yet tough as nails and bounces back from each set back with a little more evil and glee.  Love her.  Serena is beautiful but smart enough to use it to her advantage against all the other would-be queens in their world.  Her character can stand alone and faces off against powerful business men like her step-father with ease.  So they aren’t very realistic – whatever…love that show!

2. Felicity – Felicity: I just re watched the series this summer and fell in love with Felicity Porter all over again.  She was never afraid to be true to herself in that crazy  college world.  She went from pre-med to art major back to pre-med with ease.  She was strong enough to carry on story lines with two leading male characters, for four whole seasons.  Other girls came and went but that show really was about Felicity.  Keri Russell was brilliant and I miss her!

1.  Veronica – Veronica Mars:  At least once a week I feel sad at the premature cancellation of this brilliant tv show.  Kristen Bell was so truly amazing as Veronica Mars.  That was one sassy, smart girl.  She solved mysteries each week, by herself, always got herself out of her own jams and saved others most of the time too.  She turned bad guys good, and good guys bad.  Her sarcastic commentary was very true to my own heart.  The whole show was amazing but would have been lifeless without Veronica played by Kristen Bell.  I think tv misses her now that she is gone.

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