HSM3 with my kids

I wanted to bring my 9 year old daughter to see High School Musical 3 yesterday, and my 7 year old son insisted on coming even though he didn’t want to have anything to do with the first two movies.  Here is what watching High School Musical 3 was like with my children:

My daughter went in sat down, and didn’t say one word for the whole movie.  At the end of the film, I asked her how she liked it and she responded, “I loved it!”

My son kept up a running whispered commentary into my ear which consisted of some of these statements:

During a dry spot in the plot:  Mommy this is boring.  This is soooooo boring.

During a romantic moment between Troy and Gabriella:  Mommy this is weird.  Why are they so weird?

During the first duet with Troy and Gabriella:  Mommy they are good singers!

During the scene where Troy fights with his father:  Mommy, Troy is just scared.

During a rousing number with Chad and Troy in the salvage yard:  Mommy!  This is more like it!

During a scene where Troy hugs his father:  Mommy, they are being weird again.  To which I responded, why?  you hug your father all the time.  My son responded with a thoughtful, Oh.  Okay then.

Basically overall I enjoyed the movie, but my son’s commentary kind of made it unforgettable 🙂


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