The race

I ran a 10km race this weekend, and it was a really great day.  In the spring I ran my first half marathon with a friend.  I had trained so hard and felt so determined that when my friend felt too tired to keep up my pace halfway through the race, I made the decision to move ahead without her.  I ended up finishing in my goal time and feeling amazing about the race, but kind of haunted by the decision to leave my friend.  My friend was great about it and very supportive but also felt badly about herself and her race as she didn’t feel she met her goals.  So when I talked her into running this week’s 10km race with me, I knew no matter what I had to stick with her.

We had a good start where she pushed me a bit and made me go a bit faster than my comfort level.  I felt it and found the first 5km pretty hard.  It is amazing how 30 seconds makes such a difference.  Then for the second half I felt more warmed up and my energy and adrenaline kicked in.  So the next three kms were pretty good for both of us.  At 8km my friend was feeling it and was starting to get maxed out.  I decided that this race was for her and we were going to finish it together and she was going to meet her goals.  I ran beside her, one step ahead and just talked her through every step.  When we got to the 9th km and she had basically stopped talking and looked ready to give in, I realized we could beat our best time and stepped it up a bit and made her do it with me.  I just talked her through it and we ended up finished 2 minutes faster than our best time! I was ecstatic, but much more importantly, so was she.  It was a great race for both of our spirits!  Then we recovered with a lot of chocolate chip cookies 🙂


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