Happy Hallowe’en!!

Yea for Hallowe’en!

I love Hallowe’en…such a cool day.  You get to dress up, eat enormous quantities of candy and chocolate and scare people.  How great is that?  This year my daughter is going as a 1920’s Newspaper Boy – specifically Denton from The Newsies.  After 6 years of up to 5 costumes a year, we are finally reusing a dance costume.  I am ecstatic, and so hopefully is she.  My son is going as Frankenstein and is still a little concerned about the neck bolts.  I have shown him the glue but he remains skeptical.

For supper I am preparing a ghoulish dinner of mashed Boo!tatoes, troll legs, eyes of newt (Thanks Debi!), with witches brew to drink and graveyard surprise as a dessert.  In other words, mashed potatoes, chicken drumsticks, peas, cranberry juice with some grapes floating in it and a cup of chocolate pudding, covered in oreo cookie crumbs with some gummy worms crawling out of it and a grave marker.   That however is the magic of Hallowe’en!  Everything normal becomes magical and spooky.  We carved three pumpkins last night and have tons of candy – let the games begin!

I wish everyone who is reading a terrific fun-filled day and evening…


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