Pancakes again…

A few days ago I posted a recipe for buckwheat pancakes.  I hadn’t made them yet but was thinking about them all week.  So I went out and bought some buckwheat flour, made sure I had bananas and threw them together yesterday.  I used regular 2% milk as I don’t have a dairy allergy to deal with, but it didn’t seem to affect anything.  When mixing the dry ingredients I realized there was no sugar added, just the maple syrup.  This made me very happy as I figured if they tasted good and had no extra sugar I could make them a lot and not feel guilty!  When I mixed the wet and dry ingredients together I thought it looked really runny and figured I must have done something wrong.  I rechecked the ingredients and it was okay.  The other thing I changed was I sliced only one banana and it was plenty for the amount of pancakes.  I cooked them up on my griddle and served them to the kids…they loved them!  My husband loved them too.  I liked them a lot – they were light, tasty, not too sweet and very easy to make.  Definitely a keeper recipe.


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