Tale of Despereaux

I am reading this book to my son.  We saw a trailer for the upcoming movie and both decided that we needed to read the book.  I went to Chapters to pick the book up and discovered I had two options.  A very beautiful binding of the original version of the book with rough pages, or the Disneyfied, shortened, younger version of the book.  The younger version was probably a bit better reading level for my son to read it on his own, but I figured I had to buy the pretty book!  So I made the decision to read the whole book with my son.  We started last week and are 12 chapters in.  It is a great book for reading out loud as the chapters are mostly 2-3 pages long, so you can read just one, or several at a time without too much of a commitment.  I know most nights we run out of time pretty quickly.  The other thing this author does is asks the reader questions in the story (example:  Reader, do you believe in happily ever after?).  This is really fun for reading out loud because I can look at my son and get his answer.  (His answer to the above question was a silly laugh, and a somewhat doubtful “uh, no.”)  Another thing I love about this book is that I always called my daughter Princess Pea, right from the first time I saw her, so imagine my joy when I read that there is a character in the book called Princess Pea!   Now of course she is waiting for us to finish it so she can read it too.  So far I adore this book and so does my boy…so readers, get out there and buy this book before you see the movie.  And get the good version!!

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