People say the weirdest things

You know when you buy something new, like a car, and you tell someone, “Hey I bought a VW” or “I bought a Honda” or “I bought a Toyota!”  You are glowing with excitement, this is a huge purchase that you have thought about and researched for weeks.  Why is there always some idiot that says, “Oooooh.  A VW.  I would never buy one of those.”

I am sorry, but who are they helping?  I already bought it.  Can’t change my mind now.  Why not mention the 412 problems you have with this car before I bought it?  There is no good that is going to come out of this conversation other than some jerk doing some venting.

Another great example of this is when I walk out the door with my puppy to take him for a walk.  Right when I get out the door, before I even hit pavement, some person always runs up to us and acts all excited and crazy with our dog.  He has been in a crate for 7 hours and really is dying for his walk.  The whole point of the walk is to get some energy out.  So if you accost him before the walk, of course he is going to act all crazy.  Yet someone does it everytime and then says something brilliant like, “Wow, who is walking who?”  Or, “I think that puppy needs some training.”  What is wrong with people???


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