An Airedale with a sensitive stomach

I have an 11 month old Airedale Terrier who really is the best dog.  He is calm, good-natured, loving, loyal, protective, smart.  He has beautiful caramel and black colouring and the most expressive eyes.  I love this guy.  He is killing me.

He has the most sensitive stomach and we just aren’t quite sure what to do about it.  Everyone has different advice and we are trying out everything.  We researched our food very carefully when we first got him and ended up putting him on Solid Gold Wolf Cub which is an amazing food with lots of good stuff and no bad stuff.  Its main components are bison and salmon.  Gus loved the food and everything was smooth for a short time.  At some point he started having diarrhea and after a few months of trying things we figured out he had Giardia.  Our vet treated him with meds and all went back to normal again.

Until we boarded him in a kennel at the end of June.  After 7 days there, he came home with diarrhea again, which everyone said was probably due to stress at the kennel.  We waited a few weeks and when it didn’t abate we got him checked again and found there was nothing wrong with him other than perhaps a bacterial infection.  Thus we started on about 3 different types of meds and powders until September when our vet suggested we change his food.  He put Gus on Hills Prescription ID as well as another course of antibiotics and after a couple of days his problems were solved.

We don’t want to keep him on this food as it is very expensive and contains egg, which our son is allergic too and we don’t like to have it in the house in any form.  So we started to switch him back to his old food as we weren’t convinced it was an intolerance that caused all the problems.  After about 2 days of the switching, Gus got diarrhea again.  So I started to research a different food, that was perhaps easier on a sensitive stomach.  I chose Wellness Core, which is mainly turkey and chicken.  We did the switch using rice and the new food and all was well.

Until last night, his second full day on only the Wellness food, and he was up all night with diarrhea again.  After a long day of seeking advice and researching on the internet, we are going to give him rice tonight, and start blending the rice and Wellness food again tomorrow for a few days hoping he will adjust.  If anyone out there has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them…


8 thoughts on “An Airedale with a sensitive stomach

  1. Hi VMChick,

    I’ve got a one-year old Airedale that is also dealing with stomach issues. I realize this post was over a month ago, but I’m interested to know if you ever solved Gus’ food/diarrhea problems.

    Any advice or remedies would be greatly appereciated.

    Happy Chanukah!


    • Mat,
      We have made great progress! We switched to the Wellness Simple Solutions Duck and Rice food and have not had a problem since, except for two nights ago. It has been over a month…I think the recent issue was due to the fact that he spent the night at someone else’s house and probably got something to eat that he shouldn’t have. Are you in Canada? If they don’t have Wellness where you are the other food I was going to try next is California Naturals which is similar to the one we are using and only has 5 ingredients. Let me know how it works out…Happy Holidays!

  2. Glad to hear your Airedale is doing better. I’m down in Florida but I plan on going to Petsmart to see if they carry the brands of food you’ve mentioned.



  3. We have experienced the same issues as well. Ours is 8 months old and she is on Wellness Core puppy food when we add raw pumpkin to her food the diarrhea goes away. Raw pumpkin is good for either diarrhea or constipation for dogs. If she has anything else even a nibble the diarrhea returns.

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